Reports & Filings

* Please note the following correction to the April 28, 2017 press release: The distribution of Athene Class A common shares to AAA unitholders in connection with the pricing of the follow-on secondary offering on March 28, 2017 was based on a ratio of 0.162346043 Athene shares per AAA unit (rounded down to the nearest whole Athene share to be received by AAA unitholders), consistent with the AAA press release dated March 29, 2017 (rather than 0.16613901 Athene shares per AAA unit as referenced in the April 28, 2017 press release).

The General Partner of AP, Alternative Assets, L.P. and the Managing General Partner of AAA Investments, L.P. are responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the corporate and financial information included on the partnership?s website. Legislation in Guernsey governing the preparation and dissemination of financial information differs from legislation in other jurisdictions.

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